Tommi Mäklin

Postdoctoral researcher | University of Helsinki

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PhD in computer science with research experience in computational and theoretical modelling of biological data. I do statistics, bacterial genomics, and bioinformatics software development.


  • Creative problem solving
    Skilled in identifying data-driven solutions quickly and developing them into finished products.
  • Data presentation
    Experience in presenting and publishing research data and results in international venues.
  • Project management
    Proven ability to plan and execute research and software development projects, both in teams and independently.


C++ git Bioinformatics
R LaTeX Probabilistic modelling
Stan     Shell scripting     High-performance computing


University of Helsinki
Postdoctoral researcher
I work on developing and applying statistical methods for studying the link between ecology and epidemiology of opportunistic pathogens that are also a part of the healthy human gut microbiome.

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Doctoral researcher
Developed probabilistic models for determining the composition of a DNA sequencing data sample. Produced efficient open source implementations of the said models and distributed them. Published results in scientific journals and presented at international conferences.

Heldata oy
Part-time entrepreneur
Planned, organised, and hosted a 250-person data science networking and recruiting event in 2019 and 2021. Ran the day-to-day affairs of the business. Worked with customers to find bespoke solutions.

Stokastiko oy
Independent consultant
Designed and taught a 3-day statistics introductory course for the tax avoidance unit of the Finnish Tax Administration. Consulted small businesses and organisations in automating data analysis pipelines. Founded and operated a one-man company.

Volunteer experience

Shop steward
University of Helsinki
Offered guidance and support to union members in problematic situations at work. Negotiated with representatives of the employer. Developed communities of workers.

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