Tommi Mäklin

Doctoral student in Computer Science at the University of Helsinki
mail:    phone: +358 449853289

Hi, my name is Tommi Mäklin. I’m currently working towards a PhD in computer science (computational biology, Bayesian statistics, and bioinformatics) at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology of the University of Helsinki, Finland, where I develop new probabilistic models and apply existing methods in analysing sequencing data from bacteria. My research is focused on common human pathogens and their antibiotic resistant variants. We mostly work with sequencing data from western hospitals and developing countries.

In addition to my research work, I teach statistics and machine learning to Finnish private and public sector organisations as an independent consultant and serve as the chair of the University of Helsinki PhD students' association, and as the secretary of both the Finnish Statistical Society. I'm also one of the organisers of the annual Helsinki Data Science Day - a networking and recruiting event that engages the data science community of Finland in both universities and corporations.

My resume is available here (last updated in November 2020).



Genomic Epidemiology with Mixed Samples
T. Mäklin, T. Kallonen, J. Alanko, V. Mäkinen, J. Corander, and A. Honkela.
bioRxiv (2020).

High-resolution sweep metagenomics using fast probabilistic inference
T. Mäklin, T. Kallonen, S. David, C.J. Boinett, B. Pascoe, G. Méric, D. M. Aanensen, E. J. Feil, S. Baker, J. Parkhill, S. K. Sheppard, J. Corander, and A. Honkela.
Wellcome Open Research (awaiting peer review) (2020).

Book chapters

Identifying Bacterial Strains from Sequencing Data
T. Mäklin, J. Corander, and A. Honkela.
Data Mining for Systems Biology, pp. 1-7, Humana Press, New York, NY (2018).


The best way to contact me is by email, by phone at +358449800114, or through Twitter.